Kintsugi Services

Kintsugi (kintsukoroi) is an old Japanese method of "repairing" broken objects. In kintsugi the parts of a broken object are joined together again using Japanese lacquer (urushi) made from the sap of lacquer trees (Rhus vernicifera) and gold, silver or platinum. The underlying idea is that the beauty or value of an object is not lost when it is broken, and when repaired using the kintsugi method, the value of the object is actually greater than before.

Pillo Ceramics® only offers traditional* kintsugi services, where pure urushi lacquer and real gold, silver or platinum are used to join the objects together. As a result, the seams of the repaired items do not contain any chemicals and, for example, the repaired dishes are suitable for food use (maximum temperature 100-120°C, hand wash).

The founder of Pillo Ceramics®, mr. Ilkka Veiström, has been studying traditional kintsugi since 2023. It is a method that takes years to learn, and Pillo Ceramics® only accepts repairable ceramic objects for practice.

*As a difference to modern kintsugi with cheaper material costs, in which is used various synthetic adhesives (glues) instead of natural urushi varnish and minerals (such as mica) or colored metal powders (such as aluminum, titanium, silicon or iron oxide) instead of real gold, silver or platinum. Dishes repaired using the modern kintsugi method are suitable for food use.

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